My 5 best baby shower gifts

Baby showers are not that common in Finland, but generally buying a personal gift to parents-to-be is. The temptation of buying a lovely outfit is always strong, especially if you start wondering in a kid clothes department. However, that’s a gift which finds little to no use, and I am sure you want to spend your money on something worthwhile. Here is my personal list of the 5 best baby shower gifts to buy, which pros and cons of each item.

1. A smart changing bag


Once I have read that parenting is 90% poo stories. Nothing is closer to the truth. When I had my first child, I luckily inherited a changing bag with a second-hand stroller I bought. I still have it and it saved me so many times! For the first year, parents have to always carry around a bag of amenities and necessary items: food, nappies, wipes, pacifier(s), etc.. My old bag had something extremely valuable: a changing mat attached! I used it so many times when I needed to change my baby in the most unusual places.
Pros: a most needed gift, forever-lasting.
Cons: pricey gift.
Tip: choose a bag with a changing mat included, several pockets, and an easy way to attach it to a stroller handle.

2. A soft bib


This bib made in silicon is a parent’s best friend, way better than the “dressing” bibs which you find, for instance, at IKEA. It’s easy to wash and dry, and saves the floor when a baby is eating. Several brands sell soft bibs and prices vary.
Pros: long-lasting, low price.
Cons: I cannot find any!
Tip: check the closing part of the bib. Babies tend to try to pull it away and you want it to be resistant.

3. A baby carrier


Baby carriers are the best baby shower gifts! I used mine to travel with a small baby, as well as for trekking trips, and even to cook meals at home with my hands free!
Pros: great of every parent’s lifestyle.
Cons: pricey.
Tip: find a multi-use carrier, one that can carry a small baby as well as a toddler. My personal choice is Stokke, they have several items available. You want it to be safe and easy to use.

4. Stroller accessories


The new parents will use strollers a lot. Why not giving them some useful accessories as a baby shower gift? Here are my favs, with links:
shopping bag hooks
mug holder
stroller organiser
cellphone holder
I know the latter calls for tech addiction, but I actually used the phone often when I strolled to follow maps or to listen to music/podcasts when the baby sleeps. These gifts will turn out incredibly useful, believe me!
Pros: low-price, multiple usage.
Cons: none, in my opinion.
Tip: choose them to be as universal as possible. They will buy more than one stroller for sure!

5. The Bumbo seat

What the heck is this – you are surely wondering. Well, this is what allowed me to shower for several months! This floor seat works well as a portable feeding seat, as well as a safe place to hold the baby still while you do something else. It’s not that easy to carry around, but it’s waterproof and easy to wash.
Pros: long-lasting, easy to wash, multiple usage.
Cons: expensive (about 50€).
Tip: if you live in Finland, try to find a used one. It’s very popular and there are some always on sale.

So here you are, several useful and nice gifts, with very different price tags. I hope I will make some parents happy and some baby shower guests relieved.

Me, Being Mummy
Surrey Mama

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