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A trip to meet farm animals at Talli Fageräng

Nothing beats Finnish summer, despite the long and cold winters! And no day could have been better than yesterday, when we visited Talli Fageräng, in Espoo. It’s a small open farm, where kids can watch close and interact with farm animals. Access is totally free, which made it great news. We’ve visited other farms in the past, but either entrance was expensive or there was not much to see.

One of the elegant hosts of the farm.

Talli Fageräng is home to several wonderful horses, pigs, chickens, sheep, geese, cats, and dogs. Everything is deep buried in Finnish countryside, even though it’s in Espoo. There’s a nice sandbox for kids to play during breaks, with several toys to keep them entertained. The owners are very kind and welcoming, and speak Finnish, Swedish, and English. For a small fee, you can have your toddler try riding a horse! If you an experienced rider, you can ride one horse nearby. Both activities need to be agreed beforehand, so make sure to anticipate your visit with a phone call, in case.
Another nice perk was the grill, which was made available to everyone while we were there. Many families had lunch outside, surrounded by nature. It was simply amazing.
If you want a peek, I made a short video for you to watch:

R. got to ride a horse for the first time in her life! They allowed me to carry the horse she was on… which was a mistake, since I could not show him well I was the boss. Luckily one of the owners came to the rescue. We spotted a nice forest deer in the woods, another first time. I could not trust E. with riding – he cannot be still and does not have much of self-preservation instinct – but I was excited to show him the other farm animals we always read about in books! He kept on talking about the sheep for two days afterwards, like he was surprised they actually existed beyond songs and stories. He got to do his nap in the stroller, I made sure to choose a quite nice spot under a tree… but one of the rooster of the farm did not agree and after a while started singing full-volume right next to him sleeping. Useless to say, he woke up calling “mum”. I cannot write down what I fantasised doing to that chicken…
R. and her best friend played for a good hour in the sandbox, which was furnished with all imaginable toys. Overall kids were so excited that they almost skipped lunch! It was a tiring but really nice day.
To know more about the farm, visit their website, and, really, pay them a visit. You will not be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “A trip to meet farm animals at Talli Fageräng

  1. Oh that sounds and looks wonderful.I love that you can plan some riding in advance (I love horses!). What a shame about the cockerall though – it’s always the way isn’t it. The amount of times we have been somewhere and I have got Oscar to nap in a quiet place and then someone or something makes a loud noise and wakes him up! So frustrating! Thanks so much for linking up with #ourweekendhappy 🙂

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