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Hidden pearls of Finland

Yesterday we took the car and travelled towards Hyvinkää to visit a friend. We were considerably early and looking for something to do to waste some time. I spotted a sign on the side of the road, saying “The animals’ cafe” in Finnish. I took the turn and… what an amazing place we found! Monitoimitalo Marsa serves as a cafe and all customers can enjoy their wonderful playground and their farm animals free of charge. They have dogs, sheep, goats, and chickens. The playground has it all: several toy cars, two trampolines, many swings. The kids went completely nuts! I was even sorry to drag them away after a hour. Mommy had her coffee – which was really good, by the way – and could survive the rest of the afternoon.

Finland gives its best in the countryside, where you can find hidden pearls as traditional restaurants, farms, and much more. You need to wonder by car and keep your eyes peeled to spot them. If you are travelling on the Tampere highway, I really recommend to stop here for a short break, as it’s only five minutes out of the main road.