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Finnish-English dictionary for second-hand queries

If you’ve spent more than six months in Finland, chances are good you feel hopeless about Finnish language. It’s totally normal and no, it doesn’t get better! With commitment, you’ll learn to navigate everyday life and I hope this post will help with your searches on second-hand websites and Facebook groups. This is a short Finnish-English dictionary that will help you when you look for used items for your children or list yours.


Haalari = suit. Talvihaalari = winter suit. VälikausihaalariKesähaalari = mid-season suit.
Kypärämyssy = a sort of hat which covers also ears and neck. See picture.
Mekko = dress.
Naamiaisasu(t) = costume(s).
Paita = shirt. T-paita = T-shirt.
Saappaat, kumisaapaat = boots.
Sadevaatteet, kuravaatteet = waterproof clothes. Similarly kurahousut, sadehousut = waterproof trousers; kuratakki, sadetakki = waterproof jacket.
Takki = jacket.
Uimapuku = swimming suit. Uimaopetuspuku, kelluntapuku, kelluntauimapuku = (floating) swimming suit for beginners.
Vaatteet = clothes. Many people sell big batches of clothes at once.



Figuuri(t), lelufiguuri(t) = toy figures.
Keinuhevonen, puuhevonen = strolling horse.
Kirja = book.
Kävelytuoli = walking/strolling chair.
Lautapeli(t) = boardgame(s).
Lelu(t) = toy(s).
Leluauto, leluautot = toy car(s).
Muovailuvaha = play-doh.
Nukeenrattaat, nukeenvaunut = stroller for dolls.
Nukke = doll.
Nukkekoti = dollhouse.
Palapeli(t) = puzzle(s).


Imetystyyny = breastfeeding pillow.
Itkuhälytin = baby monitor.
Hoitopöytä = changing table.
Kantoreppu = baby carrier.
= child accessories.
Lämpöpussi = baby bag (for stroller or sleeping).
Pinnasänky = crib. Lastensänky = children bed.
Potta = potty.
Rattaat, vaunut, lastenraattaat, lastenvaunut = stroller. Tuplarattaat, tuplavaunut = double stroller. Matkarattaat = travelling stroller.
Rintapumppu = breastmilk pump. In addition: sähkökäyttöinen is the electric, käsikäyttöinen is the manual.
Sitteri = baby chair. See picture.
Syöttötuoli = highchair.
Turvaistuin = car seat.
Turvaportti = safety gate.

Bikes & co.


Apurenka, apurengat = training wheel(s).
Kolmipyörä = tricycle.
Kypärä = bike helmet.
Mopo = a sort of four-wheeled tricyle. See picture.
Polkuauto = small car with pedals.
Potkulauta = kick scooter.
Pyörä, polkupyörä = bike.
Taaperokärry = push cart. See picture.


About the state of the item: uusi = new, uudenveroinen = almost as new, hyvänkuntoinen = in good shape, tyydyttävä = acceptable.
About delivery: nouto = pick-up, lähetys = delivery.
About gender: tyttö = girl, poika = boy. You may find these words declined as: tytön, tyttöjen, pojan, poikien.
About age: vauva = baby, taapero = toddler. You may find these words declined as: vauvan, taaperon.
About the price: ilmainen = free, saa ottaa = free, alennus = discount.

Do you feel I am missing something important? Feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to edit the post. Best of luck with your purchases!

3 thoughts on “Finnish-English dictionary for second-hand queries

  1. Strictly speaking mopo means moped, so context matters here. Also, haalari just means overalls, kypärä means helmet, figuuri means figurine (not necessarily a toy).

    Also, if you were to ask the difference between sadevaatteet and kuravaatteet, I would say the former is less likely to consider the possibility of the use playing in the mud and more likely just deal with rain. I’m not sure if anyone cares to make the distinction, though, since the former might be rather pointless for toddlers.

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