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July favorites: new bag, nature places & more

I cannot believe July is over already! The past month really flew. Weather was definitely nicer than in June, but still a bit disappointing. In any case, we did all in our power to enjoy it fully. I’m ready to share my favorite things, places, and more which I discovered in July.

New bag for mum

Pic from Amazon

I have an issue: I literally destroy bag after bag. I recently purchased one at a second-hand store and it didn’t last two months. It started falling apart and one handle even tore one day. The reasons are mostly two: when I have a bag, I use it every day – I don’t want to move all my stuff from bag to bag – and as a toddler’s mum I carry around several useful things, so I need it to support a considerable weight. Since I “killed” several bags in the past – even quality brands – I took the habit of buying second-hand only, to feel less guilty about the loss when it inevitably happens. Lately I saw a super cute bag on Amazon and I broke the rule. It was not very expensive, it had great colours, and had something I was desperately looking for to ensure longer life: it was all fabric. I’ve used it for about one month and I am in love with it. It’s as beautiful as in the pictures, it’s big and can support the weight, and it stays on my shoulder (I hate slippers!). And after my one-month abuse, it still looks as good as new! The brand is Signare and you can get it shipped to Finland from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.it.

Quality slippers for kids

Pic from Tohveli Sankari

R.’s foot had been growing fast lately and she needed new slippers for daycare. So far my supplier had been H&M. Their slippers usually last only for one kid, but they are quite cheap and cute. This time I gave her a treat and made her choose a pair of slippers from Tohveli Sankari. She chose the robot ones – I love my girl! – and aren’t they the cutest? They are supposed to last longer, time will tell. So far I can say they are beautiful and very comfortable, also to put on. I hope E. will be able to inherit them when he’ll get to R.’s current foot size!

Nature centre Villa Elfvik


How come we never went to visit this amazing place? It’s in Leppävaara, Espoo, and can be easily reached by bus plus a short walk. It includes a short stroller-friendly nature trail (luontopolku) full of very diverse views: the forest, a small lake, a  wooden path in the high grass, and fields where cows are resting. There’s a main villa which hosts a cafe (make sure to bring cash) and a small nature museum. They organise several family events during the summer. We took part in their “bugs’ trail” (ötökkäretki) and kids had fun finding and studying different kinds of bugs in the forest. The place is surrounded by bike-friendly tracks which go deep in the forest. I’m very curious to see if they’ll have also winter events! Make sure you follow them on Instagram.

Guaranteed fun with this boardgame

Pic from www.thirstymeeples.co.uk

As you know, I am constantly looking for new boardgames to try with my toddlers and I’m starting to have a nice list of good ones. This month our favourite was Leo. The game is meant for kids older than six, but with R. we played an easier version by not turning back the tiles after we revealed them. The backstory is that Leo the lion needs an haircut and has to walk to the barber shop. Unfortunately Leo gets easily distracted and stops talking for hours with almost any friend he meets. If he stops wasting time for too long, the barber shop closes, he grows more hair, needs to go back home and try the following day. Players need to be lucky, but also play the right cards to skip any possible distraction and make it in time. It’s fun also for parents and not too trivial to win! Also, it’s a collaborative game, which takes away the dangerous situation of a toddler losing a game. You know what I mean. If you live near Helsinki, know that you can find it in the HelMet collection.

I need calories!

Pic from Uppsala.com

When I’m out with the kids, sometime I happen to skip a meal, or I have an energy low and need to eat something to get myself going. Normally, I don’t like the taste of energy or protein bars, but I found this brand I absolutely love. My favourite flavour is orange and raw cocoa. It’s delicious, small, and gives me the boost to survive the afternoon. I find it at the local grocery store, so no need to order online if you don’t want to. It’s 100% natural and super tasty!

Do you like my fav list? Did you know any of these, or did you find something useful for yourself? Let me know in the comments section. Have a great August!

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