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August favorites: support for adoptive parents, pics of animals & more

Just like that, August is over and fall has started. How could time go so fast? I am exhausted after all the things we did this summer, but I am happy we created so many family memories. I know favorites are one of the most appreciated posts by my regular readers, so I will wait no more and share the best of our past month.

A book about adoption in real life


This book changed my life. The starting months with E. have been challenging – I will tell more in a future post – but I was lucky enough to find this book when I needed it the most. Sally Donovan is an adoptive parent of two siblings and lives in UK. She shares the aftermath of gotcha day with full honesty and great humour, and explains how her family got over each and every struggle. This is a must-have for every adoptive parent. When I felt I needed support, I realised so few adoptive parents share the issues, even less share the solutions. Most strategies I used with R. were rubbish with E., and I felt I could not do things in the wrong way with him. With adopted kids, time is of the essence. I could see myself in Sally’s frustration. She shares her negative feelings, her mistakes, her journey fully, without ever violating the feelings and stories of her children. You can find the book on Amazon and read more about Sally Donovan on her official website.

An animals’ photobook for children


“Strange, unusual, gross and cool animals” is a detailed animals photobook for children. I was surprised of how popular it has been with both R. (4,5 years old) and E. (2 years old). I couldn’t reading every single line, but they were utterly fascinated by the strange details and habits of the animals pictured in the book. I had proof when R.’s best friend visited us and we started reading the book together. R. stepped in and started explaining the animals’ features to her girlfriend, and she remembered everything I told her in just two readings. After this revelation, I made a vow to loan more photo- and artbooks for my kids. It was interesting for myself as well and we even got to “act” some animals we saw on the book. I really recommend it to all parents, it’s a book which lasts for many years. I found it at my local library, or you can get it from Amazon.

Catch the chicken!


By now you’ll probably know me as a boardgame-crazy-mom… and yes, I am, and I am proud of it. I promise you I am picky about boardgames, and still I’ve been lucky also this month. The game is called Fleeting Foxes – Kanan kotkotus in Finnish – and I found it at my local library. Even though the recommended age is 5+, I think it’s totally suitable for 4 year old children, if you don’t expect them to excel in the strategy. The rounds are quick, as it’s the overall game. The foxes are trying to catch a chicken and each one wants to get there first. If the chicken is fast enough, all foxes may be left with an empty stomach. This is a game I’d add to my personal collection, as it’s light, entertaining, and good for a wide age range.

The best podcast about adoption


I am a podcast lover and I think it’s an underestimated resource among parents. Listening to podcasts is the perfect getaway during bus rides or stroller walks. It doesn’t absorb all attention and still fills the gap with some me-time. I started listening to the amazing Adoptive Family Success podcast this month and I love it. Yolanda Comparan is an adoptive mother of two and a family coach who helps adoptive families with their daily struggles. Yolanda has published about a hundred of episodes, both for prospect adoptive and adoptive parents. I wish I knew about this podcast before our son joined our family, but I am grateful I can now enjoy the “aftermath episodes”, which provided me with support and tons of practical useful advice. This is a great resource for adoptive families and for their support network – grandparents, extended family, educators, etc.. You can find the podcast episodes on Itunes or on her website.

Perler beads

Pic from

I know I am a hundred years behind on this, but why no one told me before about perler beads? If you, like me, still live in the past century, allow me to tell you more. You can buy a base which your child can fill with plastic beads, following her imagination or a pattern. Then with a hot iron you slightly melt the beads – cover first with wax paper -, allowing them to stick together and thus create an easy craft. The base and beads can be found in any toy shop, I bought mine from Flying Tiger. R. can get lost playing with them for an hour and she doesn’t need any assistance. I heard about perler beads before, but I never understood their power until recently. Now I am a new woman. One who can drink her coffee in peace and quiet once in a while.

The cry-all-your-tears-out movie of the month


I was surprised to find this recent movie full of great actors, as I’ve never heard of it before. It’s a drama about adoption and you definitely need tissues to watch it. It follows the separate lives a middle-aged woman who gave up her girl for adoption as a teenager, her now adult biological daughter who struggled all her life, and a family looking for a child to adopt. The movie doesn’t go as deep as it could in any of the stories, but it offers a perspective in the lives of all three women. I really recommend it.

What do you think of these August’s favorites? Did you know all these resources, games, and books? Drop a me a comment down below, and thanks for reading.

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