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How ResQ Club is giving us back our family quality time

Our life is constantly on the run. We’re full-time working parents, juggling three cultures in our family. We could probably write a full handbook of parent hacks, but today I want to share one of our favourite with you all.

ResQ Club is an app which allows you to buy unsold meals from local restaurants for heavily discounted prices. We are extremely careful with leftovers being wasted in our own household, so when I’ve read about their pledge to reduce restaurant food waste, they had me at download. Beside being enticed by their company values, ResQ Club regularly helps us claiming back our family quality time.

Being working parents who don’t want to surrender to microwave meals, we end up spending 30 to 60 minutes cooking healthy food every night. This leaves little time and energy to play with our kids after dinner. So we resolved by sometime buying a high-quality family meal on ResQ Club on our way home from work and saving the cooking time for reading and playing with our children.

DSC_0462 (1).jpg
Mix salad, rice, veggie burgers, and lamb for the whole family from Bistro Cumulus for 15€ total.

As adoptive parents, we are committed to preserve our son’s birth culture and we do this also through food. I attended few courses on Indian cuisine and I aim to have Indian food served regularly in our family. However, time is what it is, and I’ve noticed I’m struggling to stick to my goals. ResQ Club came to the rescue also on this aspect of our family life. I found out one of my favourite Indian restaurants in town was selling through the app and now I feel less stressed about having to cook the food myself.

DSC_0439 (1)
E enjoying butter chicken, naan, and rice from Tandoori Villa. The whole family dinner was 22€ and I even had leftovers of beef biryani for lunch the following day!
DSC_0447 (1).jpg
I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “No thank you, I’ve had enough naan”.

Finally, there’s couple time. After working all day in demanding jobs, giving our best with the kids, we also need to find some space for ourselves as a couple. My husband has been pursuing his MBA degree for the past two years, which limits our time together greatly. Since we both love food, we used ResQ Club to have a romantic dinner at home. It was a great idea: it was cheap, we didn’t have to worry about finding and paying a babysitter (and we are not comfortable leaving E in someone’s else care yet), and we could slip into our pjs right after our date.

DSC_0496 (1).jpg
Two glorious 10x sushi portions for 10€ in total! Look at those beauties. We didn’t stare long ;).
DSC_0490 (1).jpg
Second course was fried chicken and veg noodles, another two portions for 10€ in total.

How does it work, you ask? Through the in-app map you can easily see which cafes or restaurants have available portions. You buy your meal and are required to go and pick it up before the place’s closing time. It’s as fast as a take-away: I always find my order ready to go, so I don’t even have to worry about parking my car.
And I have good news! If you join using the code QCJ-560, you will get 50% off your first order (in the app go to Settings > ResQ codes and insert the code). What are you waiting for? Download ResQ Club from the App Store or Google Play, relax and enjoy your family meal!

Disclaimer: the meals described above were kindly sponsored by ResQ Club, but opinions are mine and honest. Read about my values and my commitment to transparency here.

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