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The best Christmas gift, a personalised book by Wonderbly

When R was smaller, her grandparents bought her a special gift. We heard of Wonderbly‘s personalised books from other parents and we thought hey, what a cool idea. When we received it home, little did we know that it would become an all time favourite pick at reading time.

There’s something I love of Wonderbly books, as an expat parent and mother of bilingual children: their language offer is the widest when it comes to quality personalised books. Their best-seller and our first purchase “The little girl who lost her name” (available also for boys), comes in eight languages, including Italian. There’s more: the story is in rhymes, which makes it lovely to the ears before bedtime.

The Italian version of “The little girl who lost her name”, an all time favourite read in our family.

The story of the brave girl who searches for her lost name is empowering. I caught R bragging with her brother about her adventure, like the book was some sort of real fact account! It’s possible to include a personal message in the book, and that’s one of the favourite parts for R to listen to. It makes the reading experience special and unique for her, not to mention a great memory of her grandparents.

R reading her personalised book by Wonderbly.

When E joined the family, we happened to read together “The little girl who lost her name” at bedtime. I started thinking that he would benefit from a personalised book. E was adopted from India this year. Even though we haven’t experienced attachment issues so far, I go long ways to make sure he deeply understands he’s part of our family and that we love him beyond words. Books are among my favourite means to deliver messages to my kids. Reading a children’s book is a ritual in our family and a time where the kids’ focus is at its best. I went to browse the current Wonderbly offer and found out they’ve progressed so much in the past three years. This time, language was a secondary requirement, as I wanted something different and that would stress E’s belonging to our family. I fell in love with “The Christmas Snowflake”.

The Christmas Snowflake delivers the message of belonging and love I was hoping for.

It was exactly what I was hoping for: a magical snowflake looks for a family, finds ours, and sticks with us. Our four names are included in several pages, to guide the snowflake in finding us.

Our four names, customised by me, appear in several parts of the story. This book will always be only ours.

At the end of the book, a final surprise: the snowflake can be detached from the book and becomes a Christmas decoration for our tree, leaving our four names visible on the last page. Again, we included a personal message, to mark the book as uniquely for E.

This special decoration will hang every year from our Christmas tree, as an additional memory of this unique gift.

If you want to browse Wonderbly’s offer and get a taste of how your book would look like before making the actual purchase, try their book builder. It will show you a preview of the customisation which I’m sure you will not be able to resist. I’m so glad we have this additional tool to foster attachment and a sense of belonging into E. This is the best memory we could hope for to mark our first Christmas as a family of four.

Wonderbly was kind enough to send me “The Christmas Snowflake” for me to review. Opinions are sincere and fully mine. Read about my transparency values here.

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