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Toddlers’ Christmas movie night

I’ve shared before how we love to have movie nights at our house. Not only it’s a special family time, we made it into a social tradition for the kids as well. Occasionally they get to invite some friends over to watch a movie together. Normally we are strict with candies and snacks, so I make sure they get plenty as a special treat during movie nights. R wanted to say bye to her friends before Christmas holidays started and we took the chance and planned a Christmas movie night.

This time I had a really special treat for the kids. The Finnish juice company Raikastamo had sent me their new “big juices” to try. Our family fell in love with Raikastamo concept and products long ago. I’m proud to say I’ve supported their company before their products became available in local shops. I had tasted one of their sodas in a cafe. I still recall that I was so crazy about them, that I directly agreed home deliveries at the time. They produce organic sugar-free juices and sodas. The whole family loves them. I’m quite careful to avoid juices with high sugar content, which is the norm nowadays. I’ve always loved that they had atypical flavours (how does orange and carrot sound?) and that they source local whenever possible. Their sodas are addictive to mommy as well. Now that I think about it, I should have negotiated for a box of sodas for this post (movie night for moms next time?).

Popcorns? Check. Christmas spirit? Check. Tasty juices? Definitely check. We enjoyed the apple-pear and the cranberry-grape juices.

When all the five little guests have arrived, we dimmed the lights and settle down to watch Arthur Christmas. E was so excited to watch a Santa Claus movie surrounded by older kids. They were all very cute together. In moments like these, I get a little emotional thinking how well my kids have fit in. R was born here and she’s always been sociable. As expat parents, it takes personal initiative and concrete effort to build this network for the kids. I’m truly happy to observe that also E loves to be surrounded by kids and to make new friends. It’s a privilege to witness his outgoing personality unfold.

After the movie, we went on playing together. Having seven toddlers drunk on juice playing hide-and-seek in the house has been… an enlightening experience. Jokes aside, it’s been a lovely time. I love these simple afternoons: friends, a movie, and a tasty special snack. I’m sure we’ll have another movie night after the holidays and I’ll make sure we don’t run out of our favourite juice!

Raikastamo sponsored drinks for this movie night by sending some of their amazing juices for the kids to enjoy. Opinions are mine and sincere: we only stand by products we like. Read about my work values here.

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