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Launching my podcast: Adoption Conversations – episode 1

Few weeks ago I decided to try and connect with other adoptive parents all over the world to have an open exchange about many issues connected with adoption. One idea I had was to compare adoption systems in different countries. Then finding a common base for all the issues, the feelings, and the challenged adoption always brings along.
Later, I reshaped my idea to have an even larger conversation about issues and testimonies connected to adoption.

I was joined in this first episode by three fellow adoptive parents: Al Coates (UK), Emma Sutton (UK), and Abbey (Canada).

Al is an adoptive parent of six children (many now adults) through the foster care system in UK. He blogs at Misadventures of an Adoptive Dad, and has a lively and informative ongoing podcast named Adoption & Fostering.

Emma is an adoptive parent of two siblings through the UK foster care system. She voices her story at Nibbles and Bubbles and has recently published a must-have book about her adoption experience.

Halley lives in Canada, her family adopted an older child through international adoption from Ukraine, and she blogs about her experience and family life at My Post-Adoption Life.

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Enjoy the very first episode of Adoption Conversation:

I would like to deeply thank Al, who filled my lack of expertise, recorded and partly edited this first episode.

Do you have an adoption story to tell? Are you a professional expert who may contribute to a podcast episode? Do not hesitate to reach out.

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9 thoughts on “Launching my podcast: Adoption Conversations – episode 1

  1. Congratulations on launching your first podcast. It is great for me to finally be able to put your voice to your blog posts that I have been reading for so long – I really think voice adds an extra dimension and helps to reach out of the screen even more. #blogcrush

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