My cute little Arksie fox

You know what I love even more than a high-quality product? A high-quality product designed and produced by fellow parents.
Arksie is a small Finnish business founded by parents to a precious toddler boy and a baby. They wanted to design cute, sustainable, and practical onesies for babies and toddlers, and hands-down succeeded.


The first thing I’ve noticed when I unpacked our fox onesie was the material, which is soft jersey. Most onesies on the market are light cotton, which is not enough to keep the child warm during fall and winter, or very thick or “furry” fleece, which makes them too hot. Beside the practical aspect, I love that Arksie took care of the ethics as well and carefully planned for their product to be sustainable. Arksie’s onesies are made of organic cotton, grown and processed according to strict ethical standards, including compulsory minimum wages, prohibition of child labor, and waste-reduction policies.

The material is soft jersey.

E loved his onesie at first sight, I can tell he feels comfortable in it… and he looks crazy cute! The problem is actually getting him out of it. When we unpacked the box, R threw a jealousy scene because she wanted one as well. For now, the biggest size is 2-3 years old, but Arksie shared they’ll soon launch bigger sizes and add animal hoodies to their eshop.

Materials comply to high quality standards.

As a parent, I loved the design details. The fox onesie we received has a zipper running from neck to the bottom of the right leg, with an additional button on top to protect the neck from being scratched by the zip. It’s really easy to change a nappy, as it’s enough to slip the legs out. All four extremities have an elastic band which ensures that sleeves and legs stay in place even when your toddler plays around. On the back there’s a fox tail, which – I super-critically checked! – didn’t annoy E when he sit down.
This onesie is perfect for this age. He’s not potty-trained yet, so no need to rush him out of clothes when nature calls. At the same time, he’s always on the move and a onesie is fast to put on and keeps him comfy and warm all day.


The hood had the cutest little fox ears. That’s another positive detail I’ve noticed: often the decorative ears are too soft and don’t stand up. Despite feeling of the same soft material of the rest of the onesie, they can stay straight up. E likes to keep the hood up, especially when it’s cuddling time on the sofa.


Now, my issue is: how can I say no to him when he’s dressed like this?

Arksie onesies get our full green light. It’s quite rare to observe such care in design, durability, and ethical production. I admire the founders for following up on their product idea and starting their own business.
If you want to get the amazing Arksie products, visit their eshop or the Ecolife Helsinki shop. They shop all over the world, and delivery in Finland is free. This is your lucky day, as Arksie kindly granted my readers a 20% off by using the code ELEPHANT (offer valid until 28.2.2018). Enjoy the cutest onesies you’ll ever find! If you are still not fully convinced, follow Arksie on Instagram or on Facebook to enjoy your daily boost of extreme cuteness.

We were sent the fox onesie by Arksie to review. All opinions are mine and sincere. Read more about my work values and my transparency policy here.
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5 thoughts on “My cute little Arksie fox

  1. This is so cute. I love products made by fellow parents too because the chances are it has been fully thought out. I love the fabric. I had a drama at Christmas trying to find pyjamas for the girls that weren’t made out of that awful fleecy material. It really does make them too hot. Thank you for joining #ThursdayTeam

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