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Adoption Conversations – episode 3. Adoptive mother Nita shares about her open adoptions.

Our adoption experience has put us on a humbling learning path when it comes to parenting. I benefit greatly from the free resources many experts, adoptees, and adoptive parents make available for everyone to enjoy. This is why I decided to share with others my findings and the testimonies of the great people I’m meeting during my family journey.

The podcast Adoption Conversations launched at the start of the year and it was met with great enthusiasm: it’s been one of my most visited posts ever! I am glad to announce you will now find the podcast on your favourite podcast app: ITunes, Google Play, and Overcast. Episodes will be uploaded there later than on the blog, as I have resolved to commit to a weekly release schedule. Fingers crossed about this resolution of mine.

Let’s jump into this week’s episode. I was joined by Nita, adoptive mother of two girls living in Minnesota, US. Nita shares her struggles with the adoption process, the practical issues of raising Afroamerican children, and her motivation to choose an open adoption.

episode 3.png

Here’s the Facebook group shared by Nita. Unfortunately it appears to be unlisted now, but you can try contact these moderators.

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