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Adoption Conversations – episode 4. Adoptive mother and book author Jodie Hampshire

Our adoption experience has put us on a humbling learning path when it comes to parenting. I benefit greatly from the free resources many experts, adoptees, and adoptive parents make available for everyone to enjoy. This is why I decided to share with others my findings and the testimonies of the great people I’m meeting during my family journey.

The podcast Adoption Conversations launched at the start of the year and it was met with great enthusiasm. Beside here on my blog, you can find it on your favourite podcast app: ITunesGoogle Play, and Overcast.

I’m excited about this episode, as I am joined by Jodie Hampshire, co-author of one of my favourite book on adoptive parenting, Lionheart Families – The Real Life Guide for Adoptive Families. Jodie lives in Sidney and is a mother of four, through adoption and birth.

Her book was a life-saver for me. I hadn’t go through any training and I found myself quite isolated and struggling with parenting my adopted child. It was essential for me to read her and her co-authors’ advice, and I’ve benefit from the online community they created. Find out more in Jodie’s words.

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Brené Brown on Empathy – a powerful short video to explain empathy.
12 things for educators to know about adopted kids
The book’s webpage: Lionheart Families
Lionheart Families Instagram feed
Daniel Hughes’ books 
The Body Keeps the Score by B. van der Kolk

Do you want to listen to more episodes? Head over to the podcast’s main page.

3 thoughts on “Adoption Conversations – episode 4. Adoptive mother and book author Jodie Hampshire

  1. This was such a help to me. I do not have adopted childern. But We do have custody of our grandson. He came to us at the age of 13, after 13 years of living his live in a trauma based home. He is now 16. The section on school hit me on the head. Everything you said was him. Not being able to sit still disruptive behavior. Teachers labeling him as a trouble maker. Thank you so much. I think we will be having a meeting with the teachers and I will use this the school section of this podcast. Thank you so much. Although he is not adopted, this podcast will be most helpful.

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