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February’s favorites: motherhood, humour, and a great podcast

Yes, you can have a laugh at this post. My last favorites’ post is as old as last October! I tried to commit to a monthly schedule, but I always had better content to publish and prioritise, so I guess that’s good news anyway, isn’t it?
I anyway collected and noted down my favorite things in the past, to make sure I could share them with you all. Let’s dig in!

A comedy about multicultural families


I’m a TV series enthusiast and I claim finding good comedies is quite hard. This Netflix TV series was a great surprise. Fun fact, One Day at a Time is inspired (but with great variations) from another with the same name from the seventies. The episodes follow the life of Penelope, a second-generation Cuban single mother who has recently divorced. The style is comedy and I love that a multicultural family is at the center of it all. The series, following the example of the original, doesn’t hold back when it comes to face difficult issues: homosexuality, immigration laws and their consequences, alcohol addiction, divorce, and single parenting. The second season was just released and starting that is my plan for tonight.

A masterpiece podcast on adoption


No, I’m not referring to mine (but seriously, subscribe). The BBC podcast The Adoption is a little masterpiece of journalism. Jon Manel follows step by step a domestic adoption in UK and interviews all parts involved – minus the two children, too small to comment. This is a unique testimony which is very hard to reproduce, if you stop to think about it. Manel has managed to obtain cooperation from social workers, foster carers, adoptive parents, and birth family members, and has succeeded in depicting all perspectives with a respectful, not judgemental approach. It will leave you with more questions than answers. Highly recommended.

What is motherhood?


The New York Times recently published six short videos describing the real stories of few mothers. This short series called Conception opens up about how intense and diverse the experience of motherhood can be. It starts from a single mother who find herself questioning if she’s raising her son following the values of her late husband, goes on talking about how resentful a mother can feel towards her demanding children, even shares the story of a transgender man who discovered his gender identity through his parenting experience. A strong reminder of how diverse something “normal” as motherhood can be and how people never feel the same about one thing.

Toddlers are creepy


Children are cute, right? Wrong! Toddlers’ irrational behaviours can be extremely creepy and startling, like this Youtube comedy series proves. The idea to prove the point is simple: what if an adult man was saying and doing what your toddler usually says? Director Matthew Clarke plays himself and the hilarious David Milchard stars as Coco, the young, strong-willed, and smart daughter. This series is what comes the closest to describing the madness we parents of toddlers have to go through every single day of our lives. You’re advised: if you start, you will binge-watch this one.

Did you already know any of these? Do you wanna argue there’s something better around? Drop me a line below! If you liked this post, please reward me by sharing it. If you didn’t, punish your frenemies on social media by sharing it and making them go through the same ordeal.

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