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Adoption Conversations – episode 5. Adoptee and podcast host Haley Radke

The podcast is taking better and better shape, and I am humbled by the response I’ve got from the online community. Especially, I’m impressed and moved that many people -strangers, actually – are embracing the idea and are willing to share their most private stories with me and with my audience. I, for sure, am learning a lot through Adoption Conversations.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, please hop to this guest post on Fulltime Tired where I explain what I’m trying to achieve with all this. Beside here on my blog, you can find the podcast on your favourite podcast apps: ITunesGoogle Play, and Overcast.

This week I am hosting one of the inspiring figures in the world of adoption, adult adoptee and Adoptees On podcast host Haley Ridke. Adoptees On is in my personal top 3 resources about adoption and if you don’t know it, you absolutely have to check it out. Haley is an inspiration as podcaster for me. If I will learn to have half her grace and respect as a host, I will be proud with myself.

Haley shares her own story about being adopted as an infant, her failed attempt of bringing her natural mother back into her life, and her healthy reunion with her natural father.

episode 5.png

Adoptees On – Haley’s podcast on adoption
Haley’s adoption resource goldmine
Dear Adoption – a platform giving voice to adoptees

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