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No more juice stains: Mehujehu, from Finland for all parents

I bet we have all been in through the same situation at some point. You are out with your child and handle her a juicebox. No matter if it’s the first or twentieth time this happens, the child grabs it like she wants to choke it and you watch – like in slow-motion – half of the juice squeezing out and ending on clothes. The child cries for the spilled juice, you curse between your teeth while you work on containing the damage, and a nice afternoon out abruptly ends like this. I witnessed this multiple times at our house, in the car (good luck removing juice stains from the car seat), at the library, on family trips,… No matter how many times I taught my kids, I told them “mouth first, then grab”, juice had to be spilled. Until I found out about Mehujehu.


This is not the first time that I witness Finnish companies coming up with brilliant solutions to make parenting easier. Since I moved here, I have been continuously “exporting” ideas to fellow expat parents or friends with children in Italy. Nordic countries have it all figured out. I saw Mehujehu the first time at a friend’s place. She offered my kids juice in a couple of Mehujehu and introduced me to this simple, yet brilliant idea.


Mehujehu in Finnish means “the juice dude“. It’s a rigid plastic container which holds the juicebox and prevents involuntary (?) squeezing. The curly top is a straw holder, very useful for the small ones.


The bottom has a hole, just in case something spills from the child’s mouth. Very thoughtful, unless your children can avoid talking while drinking/eating. In such case, let me know if they hold trainings for their peers, I’m happy to send mine as students.
On the other side, you will find a clip to hang the Mehujehu for example to a backpack pocket, a bike basket, or to the inside pocket of a changing bag. The box is compatible with the “classic size” juiceboxes but, as you can see in the following pics, I’ve been using it with taller containers with no fuss. However, a taller version of Mehujehu will soon be available and you will be able to choose the best for your favourite juice brand.

Personally, I am proud I found another great use for Mehujehu. We went on a winter hike nearby and had a snack outside in the freezing winter weather. Not only Mehujehu kept the juice from freezing, but it became essential when my kids had to drink it with winter gloves on their hands.

You don’t want a child wet with juice when it’s -10C.
Picture what would have happened without the Mehujehu. Lifesaver.

There’s a rich selection of designs and they include the fabulous Moomins, the beloved Finnish cartoon characters. Surprisingly, R chose a cute monster as her favourite. E instead stayed a loyal member of the “Moomin Troll” club (Moomin Troll is also his bedtime teddy, so the cute monsters had no game with him).

Mehujehu is compatible with all juiceboxes. A taller version of Mehujehu is on the way, though.

Now, I have great news for you, no matter if you live in Finland or not. You have a chance to win two Mehujehu for your children (design of your choice!) and take home a small piece of Finland. Simply enter the giveaway below and cross your fingers to be the lucky one. The competition is open to entrants all over the world! (Competition ended on 28.3.2018)
If you don’t trust luck or cannot wait, head over to the e-shop on Mehujehu’s website (only in Finnish for now) and make sure to give its Facebook page a well-deserved like.

mehujehu giveaway over.png

Mehujehu has sent me some samples to test and has kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway. Opinions are all mine and sincere. Read more about my work values here.


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23 thoughts on “No more juice stains: Mehujehu, from Finland for all parents

  1. How cute are those juice box holders! What a brilliant idea too. Some juice cartons are just so squishy that spills will always happen. This would certainly help to stop all the leaks. Thanks so much for sharing on the #DreamTeam – I had no idea that these existed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great idea! The number of times we’ve had juice-box-related disasters is unthinkable! Haha. This is such a simple but effective solution! #blogcrush


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