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The Reading Challenge 2018 continues…

We are avid users of library services. We visit the local library weekly, have materials delivered (for free!), enjoy the children-friendly events. I’ve taken a habit of loaning dvds for our movie nights and we regularly borrow boardgames as well. So when I heard about the Little Helmet Reading Challenge, I thought, this is definitely for us!

The list includes 25 books and I will write five posts throughout the year with our selection of children’s books. Our family reads in Finnish and Italian language, but some of our picks are in English and I translate on the fly. Beside the link to the HelMet (our library network) archive, whenever possible I’ll include the link to the same books in other languages to make sure you can enjoy them as well. If you’ll find my recommendations valuable, let me know in the comments below. We kicked-off the challenge with the first batch, now it’s time to proceed to our next five.

#6: The book takes place in an imaginary world


HelMet (FIN) | ENG
This was fairly easy with toddlers’ books, wasn’t it? We chose a sweet book on friendship called Knight School. It tells the story of two great friends, a young knight and a young dragon. When they start school, their timetables keep them apart, until they decide they miss their friend too much and leave for a small adventure in the forest. Great for 3+, after few reads R has learned the story and now reads it to her little brother (cuteness overload!).

#7: A book chosen for you by a friend or a family member


HelMet (FIN) | ENG
I have asked my best friend to recommend a book for the challenge. She has children of the same age as mine and I know she loves books as much as me. She recommended the Finnish version of Pig won’t is naughty by Richard Scarry. I don’t know about you, but Scarry’s books are among my favourites! We own several, both in Finnish and Italian language. When she gave me the title, I knew this book was a winner. Indeed, it hit the target with E. Guess why, it’s the story of a naughty little pig who never does what he’s told. I only hope he’s interested because it resonates and not because he’s sourcing new ideas!

#8: A comic book or magazine


HelMet (ENG) | ENG
This was a hard find, as my children as small (under 5) and the typical comic books’ readers are older. I borrowed more than one title, but Fairytale Comics was the only suitable for them. And it’s a great book. I’ll be honest, this is good for adults as well. It collects classical fairytales from all over the world. Each story is illustrated by a different artist and has a humorous spin. My oldest loved it and asked to read some stories several times. As an adult, I love comic books, and I was glad to take the chance and introduce them to the kids.

#9: A book where someone reads a book


HelMet (ENG) | ENG | ITA
I’m very excited about this find! It’s a book is a super fun read. It’s ideal for small kids (2 to 4 years old), has amazing illustrations, and it’s quite funny to read for parents. There’s even a version for smaller children, with cardboard pages, called It’s a little book. Donkey is tech-savy and has never seen a book. Monkey explains what books can – well, cannot – do and the love of reading wins Donkey’s heart over. A must have for small children!

#10: The book includes a sea or an ocean


HelMet (ENG) | ENG
There’s a whole series of books about Hanna Hibiscus. This is simply delightful. For starters, I love to find stories depicting a multicultural family like ours is. Moreover, Hanna’s character is too lovable not to appreciate her. She’s smart, full of life, and joyful. Both my kids loved this book. It may appear long for a small toddler, but it relies a lot on repetition, which is something small kids enjoy. It kept E glued to the pages! R loved that the story was set in Africa, a far away country. For us, this will surely be the first of many more Hanna Hibiscus’ reads.

Here’s our second batch of children’s book recommendations. Did you find new reads? Do you have better suggestions? Let me know down in the comments.

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Challenge accepted, HelMet!

Disclaimer: this post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I get a % on sales at no additional cost to you.

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6 thoughts on “The Reading Challenge 2018 continues…

  1. I haven’t heard of this challenge but I love the sound of it – I must have missed the first book. Such a great way to get exploring different kinds of books and enjoying a wider variety. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this x


  2. I love the idea of this challenge! We might have to give it a go! I like to think we go to the library often, but it’s probably only about once every 6 weeks (when they’ve sent a letter reminding us to take the last lot of books back – oops! But this might give us a kick up the bum to go more often! #BlogCrush


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