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Meet us at the Helsinki Minimarathon!

My husband and I share a flaw. Yes, we are not perfect! Shocking, right? Jokes aside, we are lazy. Not lazy lazy, we are actually quite active people, only… we are not sporty. Unless lifting a sandwich to your mouth has now become an olympic discipline…? Not yet? Too bad. Anyway, we do want our kids to stay healthy and we try to involve them in as many physical activities as possible: hiking, playground fun, swimming, you name it. This spring, we will add a new one: running. R is now five and I have been waiting for her to be old enough to take part in a great sport event for children that takes place every year in Helsinki: the Minimarathon.

Look at those happy faces! They make me wanna run! (Pic: Minimarathon)

The Minimarathon is a sport event tailored for kids aged 5 to 13 organised by the Finnish Athletics Federation (SUL) and sponsored by lots of great companies. Participants are split by age groups and encouraged to complete the 1 km track, at their own speed and with no timing. It’s not about winning: it’s about being introduced to sports and reaching a small goal. Everyone gets a medal!
There is no age requirement to take part, the youngest participant last year was only 2 months old.

There’s plenty to do while waiting your turn. (Pic: Minimarathon.

Before the run, kids can warm up with some planned activities like jumping on a trampoline, running on the track or hugging mascots. The starting point is located at Eläintarha Sports field (Vauhtitie 6, Helsinki) and the end line is at Telia 5G Areena (Urheilukatu 5, Helsinki). After crossing the finish line the kids get to enjoy snacks offered by the sponsors. Traditionally the event takes place in August but in 2018 it will happen on May 19th.

R is so excited to take part and I am as well. Judging from the participants’ list, I see there are already a few hundreds of other kids at the moment who are as eager to run in the MinimarathonRegistration is about 20 euros and the earlier you register, the less the fee. Join us! We’d love to meet you there.

Recommended starting age is 5 but there’s no true limit. Does little brother wanna give it a shot? (Pic: Minimarathon)

I should mention, if you are better people than hubby and I, and you like to treat your body right and challenge yourself, that on the same date and nearby locations, some marathons for adults also take place.

The Minimarathon’s organisers have granted R a free pass for us to help promote and review the event. Opinions are mine and sincere. Read more about my work values here.


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