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6 Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy – a guest post by Brittnay from The Nut Butter Hub

I love to host fellow bloggers on my website! Here I am glad to introduce Brittnay from The Nut Butter Hub, who will share great suggestions to have some family quality time.


Coming up with meaningful activities to keep kids engaged can be quite the task. You don’t want your kids to  watch TV and stare at their devices all day. You want them to be learning, growing & engaged. Below are some ways to keep your kids busy whether it be during a holiday, or school breaks.

1. Have A Scavenger Hunt

If you can make time for a little bit of planning a scavenger hunt can keep your kids busy for hours on end. Have a new take on the typical scavenger hunts and get your kids to take pictures of the things they find with disposable cameras. Not only will your kids get the experience of what pre phone cameras were like but also they will have a blast doing so. Older kids can venture out into your neighborhood whereas the younger ones can have a guided adventure right in your backyard. Take picture of animals, flowers, or cars.

2. Arts And Crafts

Most people have a bit of old magazines lying around and could totally re purpose them as an activity their kids can do. Get some glue, scissors, and paper. Let them get their brain running and make anything their little minds see fit. You could give them a theme but be sure to let them have the creative control. When they are finished have them explain to your why they chose the pictures they chose and make sure you let them know how cool you thought it was. The point is for them to feel inspired and want to create more in the future.   

Pic: Hans Peter Gauster

3. Dance Party

Kids need to burn energy and a lot of it. One of the best ways to get their little bodies moving is to have a dance party. Dance for 20 to 30 minutes so that it can count as a real fitness activity for you and your kids. Let your kids craft a playlist and pick the music that they like to listen to, this will give them the motivation to keep going, If you want to take it a step further have your kids practice a dance routine and perform it for you. Dancing is an energy burning activity so it is good to have plenty of water and a healthy snack available for afterwards.  

4. Throw A Party

Children usually miss their friends from school a ton during breaks and holidays. A great way to get everyone together is to throw a backyard bbq.. Tell everyone you invite to bring the sides and drinks and you as the host will be responsible for grilling.
Your kids having their friends around will keep them busy. With the kids so hyped up be sure to tell them beforehand the dangers of being near an outdoor grill and take the proper precautions regarding gas grill safety. 

5. Get Puzzling

Due to the onset of such high tablet use in households puzzles tend to get overlooked as a legitimate activity. It’s a great for kids to bend their brains and work on their problem solving skills. There are age appropriate puzzles for everyone in your family. Finding puzzles that cater to their interest is great for them, if your kids are into cities and skylines find puzzles related to that. You could even get a puzzle made of a family photo that everyone cherishes.

Pic: Annie Spratt

6. Go On A Nature Walk

Getting outdoors can be very stimulating for children. Take then to a National Park in your area and teach them about the new animals that they see. If you don’t live near a national park find a scenic park with lots of things to spot and do. Pack your lunch and make a day out of it. If they weather is too cold have a quick nature walk bundled up in your own backyard.

Now you have a few ideas to explore and grow with your kids. Get out and start having some fun! Every activity can be made to suit your specific lifestyle and the needs of your family. Something might work better for some families than others. Take note of what really makes your family happy and rinse and repeat!

About the author

Brittnay is an Australian who lived in London for the past two years.  She managed to squeeze in 21 trips to Europe & Africa in that time . She passionate about travel, health and nutrition, you will find her healthy and delicious recipes on The Nut Butter Hub.

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