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April’s favorites: empowering kids & time to relax

This month is also coming to an end. We have come back from a work&leisure trip to Italy, celebrated Easter with our families, and I have been having a crazy phase at work. A long awaited spring has started here in Finland and we are ready to get the most from the good weather as a family. Here are some cool ideas I have collected in the past month for you all to enjoy.

A short video on empathy

This brief video is so explanatory and clear, I wish every human being would watch it at least once. This was recommended to me by Jodie Hampshire. I then went on to discover the illustrator Katy Davis made several informative videos on similar topics. You can find more here. Share your favorite with your social network. We could use more people being aware of such delicate topics.

The Rebel Girls podcast


This went from zero to one of my favourite podcasts in less than three episodes. I’m loving this! Feminist authors and public figures read empowering stories of women of contemporary and modern history. It’s simply amazing! I listen to it on my way to work and more than one episode moved me to tears. The podcast is in English, so my kids cannot enjoy it, but the same authors published two very famous books that have been translated in several languages (including Italian and Finnish).

Gamebooks are back in fashion


Am I the only one who spent days playing with gamebooks as a child? During primary school years I used to loan the series of Lone Wolf from my local library. If you are not familiar with gamebooks, they are a mix of tales and roleplaying games. You interpret a character and make choices during the story. Your decisions allow you to jump to target pages, until either you successfully conclude the adventure or you die. My husband recently found a French author called Delphine Chedru who writes gamebooks for small children. The books are written in French but we found them translated to Italian, and they are great! Illustrations are amazing and it is a great activity for toddlers and young kids (5+).

A must watch Indian movie


Looking for a not-so-obvious movie recommendation? I was pleasantly surprised by this Indian movie. First of all, it’s a not a Bollywood production. The movie lies in the grey area of comedy and drama, and it’s a realistic depiction of a side of India, where characters split in the pure of heart, those who resigned to corruption, and those who prosper because of it. A true show of how Indian reality can be complex and how you need to start somewhere to foster change. You can find Newton on Amazon Prime.

Wonder Woman on Netflix


If you, like me, never have the time to go to the movies, you may have missed this. Good news, you can find it on Netflix now! My husband and I watched it as part of a home date night. I am quite picky with superhero movies and I liked this. Women totally kick ass in this one!

It’s all for April. Will you try some of my favorites? Let me know down in the comments.

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