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My great Mother’s Day at Superpark Espoo

We moms celebrate motherhood all year long and Mother’s Day has become widely known as the relax and freedom day for mothers. Can I get an amen here, mamas? In our house, we have a well tested process: I get to sleep in, I receive a small gift and an emotional card, and I choose the programme of the day. This year I was thrilled to try something new with my kids and we had a chance to visit the indoor playground Superpark. What got me curious about this place was their promise to deliver fun to everyone, kids and adults alike. My husband and I are not exactly known to be sporty types, so I was skeptical, but I gave it a try.

Do you want to have a taste of our day? Check out our vlog:


The park is big and offers a wide range of activities, for all ages. My kids are now 3 and 5 years old respectively and we could enjoy almost all attractions. For us adults, it was a liberating experience. We got to shamelessly jump on trampolines and dive into the “foam pit”. Sorry not sorry! It’s a unique feeling to get to move freely as you did when you were a child. I don’t recall the last time I could jump without fear of falling or getting hurt!


Kids loved especially the car track: simple fun but effective! E was too small but we got to ride it together. We also spent plenty of time in the skating area, where R tried a kick scooter for the first time and E sat and rode on a skateboard for a good hours, up and down, back and forth. There may or may not be CCTV footage of me crashing him into a wall by mistake. Mother of the Year, ladies and gents! He’s totally fine, the place is truly safe (and the wall told a story that I was not the first to make this mistake).


We tried plenty of ball games. There is even a game arena dedicated to young children with a small basketball court, a football and a hockey one:


There the kids could play safely and with no timing. They were able to take part to the “adults’ attractions” as well. My husband simply could not leave the basketball court, where he had to dunk a ball in each basket once in less than a minute. He claims he succeeded once, but no one was there to witness.

Daddy’s favorite.

There were plenty of choices: baseball, football pinball, golf, bowling, rugby, and more. All games were timed and mostly required for you to hit targets and beat point records. My favourite was the football pinball, where I had to kick soccer balls and hit targets. I couldn’t get enough of it!

We found two separate playing areas for smaller kids. One is provided with a small foam pit and climbing walls. There, parents can easily supervise children, as there’s only one way in and out. The other area includes some soft play and simpler games:


Kids liked both, but since the rest of the games were truly accessible to the whole family,  we had our best moments there. I felt it was truly fantastic! Before visiting, I was afraid we would have to split our time between different areas of the park and take turns in having fun. It was a pleasant surprise to find out all attractions truly suited all ages in our family!

Food positively impressed us. There was an in-house restaurant and practically the only option available. Usually food is not the best in such places as they don’t suffer competition and therefore have no motivation to improve. Well, our expectations were exceeded at Superpark Espoo. I ordered “pasta bolognese” for the kids and (a) it was not spaghetti (big win! There’s no such thing as spaghetti bolognese in Italy!), (b) it was rich and tasty, (c) the kids loved it and they have authentic Italian standards. My husband asked for a hamburger and they grilled it on the spot. I requested a goat cheese salad: they grilled my goat cheese and the salad was truly rich. I usually don’t enjoy eating salads but this was exceptional. And coffee tasted great, more points for you, Superpark!

Overall we spent over four hours in the park, which is quite a record with small children. We were crashed in the end, but happy and satisfied with the family quality time we had. I suggested to my husband that we go back without the kids for a date night sometime and get to play and challenge each other. I am even considering bringing my own team from work for a team day here!

I give Superpark a sincere 5 stars out of 5! It is rare to find places truly suitable for the whole family. I loved Mother’s Day’s programme as I got to do something with my family and at the same time I fully enjoyed it myself.

We visited Superpark Espoo but there are several other parks all over Finland. Superpark is great for a single fun day, but you can check out also their summer camps and regular courses. To get a closer look, give Superpark Espoo’s Facebook page a thumbs-up or follow the parks’ Instagram page.

Thank you for the splendid Mother’s Day, Superpark! We will visit again soon!

This post is a joint collaboration with Superpark. Opinions are mine and sincere. Read more about my work values here.


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