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10 Podcasts on Adoption You Need to Subscribe To

I remember how during the wait for my son to come home I would spend hours watching “Gotcha Day”-videos on Youtube, until I turned to some more informative and useful content. During the past few years several content creators produced podcasts on adoption and there’s a rich selection to choose from. Regardless how adoption touched you or what phase of the process you are at, there’s something for you in this list.

1. The Adoption Connection


This recent podcast became one of my favourites in a short time. I love how Lisa and Melissa guess all the questions adoptive parents need to discuss with peers. “Why doesn’t my child play on her own like her peers?”, I wondered that so many times. “How to survive the disruption holidays bring?”, I know for a fact this is a hairy problem for many families with children with special needs. They even have a mentoring session where they select and discuss questions sent by their listeners. Fantastic content and great guests, a must. Subscribe to their podcast and follow them also on Facebook and Instagram. You won’t regret it.

2. The Adoption


The Adoption is a must for everyone involved in adoption: parents, professionals, birth mothers, relatives, adoptees (although it may be triggering). Produced by BBC, it follows the domestic adoption journey of two children in the UK. I recommend it to everyone. I’ve complained in the past how the global view on adoption is very US-centric nowadays. I think it’s very eye-opening to learn about a very different child protection system and adoption world like the one in UK is. UK has the highest stats in Europe when it comes to children in social protection becoming “adoptable”. It’s a very different approach which has pros and cons compared to its neighbour countries. This award-winning podcast has been widely praised for how it succeeds in giving every person involved a voice, with no judgement.

3. Adoptees On

adoptees on

How could I not promote this amazing production? Advocating adoptees often report how the adoptees’ view on the adoption experience is overlooked. Haley, the host and producer of Adoptees On, went all in to contribute solving this issue. Her podcast is now getting ready to start season 5. Seasons have a general theme and Haley interviews adoptees from all over the world. Adoptees On is truly a bridge between adoptees, as well as connecting them to adoptive parents and professionals. Witnessing how some adoptees struggles with their experience and then found different ways to cope and even thrive has been very encouraging for me as a parent and it provided me even with practical ideas to help my child. The podcast can be listened also on Youtube. Make sure to follow Adoptees On also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

4. The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

adoption and fostering

Another production from UK, The Adoption and Fostering Podcast is the brainchild of Al Coates and Scott Casson-Rennie, two voices you definitely want to listen to in the adoption world. Al is an adoptive parent of six turned social worker; Scott is Head of Engagement and Delivery of Adoption UK, the leading Charity advocating for adoptive families and providing them with support. They interview parents, adoptees, professionals, and bring many points of view to the table. And they’re fun to listen to, which never hurts. Follow them on Facebook and find more about them on their website.

5. Adoptive Family Success


Yolanda’s personal story of finding out she wasn’t the mother she wanted to be for her adopted children resonates with me. She is a certified coach for adoptive families and has put up a full website of resources for adoptive parents. Among her creation, there’s the informative podcast Adoptive Family Success tackling different issues adopters face. There’s also a nice twist: episodes alternates between some targeting waiting adopters and some targeting parents who have brought the child home. I wish I found this podcast while we were waiting!

6. We Can Do This: Our Adoption Journey


It has become fairly common for families to document their adoption process in blogs or vlogs, but this is the first time I heard about a podcast. We Can Do This is the story of Jess and Paul, two New Yorkers who decided to expand their family through infant adoption. It’s very interesting to hear their thoughts and feelings from the very start when they have decided to go for it until their baby daughter Markéta comes home and they get to face the real deal: parenthood. Any waiting adopter will surely relate to the struggles and the joys of this couple.


7. Adopted: now what?


Good question! Exactly what I asked myself when our son came home and I found myself facing the unexpected struggles of adoptive parenting. Becky Walker is an adoptive mother turned coach who helps families navigating the day-to-day challenges of adoptive parenting. Her podcast made me reflect on triggers and root causes of my child’s behaviours, in a period where I was focusing only on the outcomes. There are only few episodes, but it’s a good round of introduction to some of the common issues adopted children may present you with.

8. The Adoptive Mom

adoptive mom

Alex Fittin has a mission: empowering adoptive parents to become the parents they dream of being. A mother of three, Alex runs an excellent podcast which is running on its third season and hosts guests with the most interesting and sometime heart-wrenching stories. Her episodes are truly inspiring and this is definitely a podcast you don’t wanna miss! Alex’s website is a small goldmine of resources for parents. She includes a short intro of her episodes there, as well as book recommendations and all kinds of tips. Make sure to follow her page on Facebook as well!

9. The Honestly Adoption Podcast


Mike and Kristin Berry are parents of eight children, who all joined the family through adoption, and they have fostered over twenty children over the years. Their blog Confessions of an Adoptive Parent is well-known in the adoption world. They have written few books and have now a free ebook you can download. Their podcast is a treasure box of tips and real life situations. Sometime it can get a bit abstract when people have not faced some struggles first hand, but in this case almost all content comes from their personal experience. Follow this explosive family also on Facebook and Instagram.

10. Adoption Conversations

Adoption conversations 1

Last but not least, there’s my small creature. Still a work in progress (I have ideas for the future!), but hopefully with something to give to the adoption community. I interviewed several people who had been touched by adoption, some fellow podcast producers. Adoption is a wide world to explore and I never get tired to learn from others. Find all episodes with a short description also in this section.


I hope you enjoyed this list and even more that you found new resources. Do you know other podcasts on adoption you want to recommend? Leave me a note in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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