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Why Italian people freak out about food

This is not a parenting post, but I feel it's something that will resonate with most of my readers, surely with those who know at least an Italian person. And by saying Italian I mean real Italian, every second-generation Italo-American is excluded - you allowed pizza with pineapple to spread in the world like a… Continue reading Why Italian people freak out about food

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Should I feed my kids insects?

Recently a nation-wide big bakery started selling "cricket bread" in Finland. This is not the first attempt to introduce insects in the local diet. Recently the local food authority has allowed some insects to be sold as food and it seemed some products were just ready to explode. It's common knowledge that insects are food… Continue reading Should I feed my kids insects?

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The stress of grocery shopping

Be advised, this post will mostly be a rant. In the past few years I grew more and more disappointed about grocery shopping. We are far from being a green family, but we are shocked by the amount of waste we produce and by products' tracking and origin. I was standing at my local grocery… Continue reading The stress of grocery shopping

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Hidden vegetables recipes for your picky eater

After getting kid number two, I understood one thing: I have to pick my battles. When E. joined us, he would refuse almost any fruit or vegetable. I was fighting to teach him more important things and I couldn't battle on food as well. Beside that, it was a war I could not win against… Continue reading Hidden vegetables recipes for your picky eater