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Digital parenting: our screen time rules

I've recently come across an honest account of a fellow mom who was wondering how long is too long when it comes to screen time, and how to balance the parent's desire for peace and the children's well-being. Before you continue reading this post, I need to underline something important. There's no holy bible when… Continue reading Digital parenting: our screen time rules

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Coping with my children’s sleep issues

When my daughter was smaller, she wasn't a good sleeper. She wasn't terrible either, but her sleep habits were enough to send me to the madhouse. For almost three years, we struggled with her waking up too early. We tried everything we could think of: reward charts, a children's clock to let her know when… Continue reading Coping with my children’s sleep issues

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Our first Christmas as a family of four

Christmas this year has been a special time for us. Our three year long wait to become a family of four put some extra expectations and excitement on these holidays. One year ago we had been matched and were dying to meet our son E. Our parents, usually cautious and discrete, were so overexcited that… Continue reading Our first Christmas as a family of four

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Toddlers’ Christmas movie night

I've shared before how we love to have movie nights at our house. Not only it's a special family time, we made it into a social tradition for the kids as well. Occasionally they get to invite some friends over to watch a movie together. Normally we are strict with candies and snacks, so I… Continue reading Toddlers’ Christmas movie night

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The risks of online shopping

There's a great hype nowadays among parents about online shopping. I get it, it's easy and time- and stress-saving. But nothing comes for free, so where's the catch? I would like to start my reflection by stressing one simple truth which we tend to overlook. Big businesses don't care about you. The illusion of service-centred… Continue reading The risks of online shopping

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The magical Seurasaari’s Christmas walking trail

Every Christmas is a special time for our family, but this year it will be even more. One year ago we were impatiently waiting for our son E to join our family from India. We had been matched but we were forced to wait bureaucracy to run its course. During Christmas half of our hearts… Continue reading The magical Seurasaari’s Christmas walking trail

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Digital detox for parents

Digital parenting is a new trending niche in the parents’ world. The key question is how to allow our children to take advantage of the power of technology without being victims of it? For years there has been extensive talk of limiting the screen time, but that doesn’t cover even half of the issue nowadays. It’s about exposure to contents, media, how to safely navigate the immensity of the internet, and how kids’ focus and learning abilities are affected by new devices.

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Adoption baby blues: it’s a thing

I struggle to write this post, as it feels so terribly personal and we are just getting out of the woods. However, other people's stories helped me a great deal in the past months and I feel I can give back with my experience. If I can help one adoptive parent with these negative feelings,… Continue reading Adoption baby blues: it’s a thing

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The stress of grocery shopping

Be advised, this post will mostly be a rant. In the past few years I grew more and more disappointed about grocery shopping. We are far from being a green family, but we are shocked by the amount of waste we produce and by products' tracking and origin. I was standing at my local grocery… Continue reading The stress of grocery shopping