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New grocery store WeFood aims to cut food waste in Finland

Everyone hates wasting food. In our family, we routinely plan the weekly meals and make sure not to shop for anything extra. We have a strict policy of finishing everything off your plate and try our best to minimise waste. Unfortunately the global stats on waste in the food supply chain are discouraging. Only in… Continue reading New grocery store WeFood aims to cut food waste in Finland

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We didn’t invite cows to our summer picnic

I bet you are wondering if I have lost it or what with such title, but bear with me and I'll explain the whole story. Few weeks ago I got in touch with the Finnish division of Oatly, a Swedish company that pioneered oat-based drinks back in the 90s. The core of their mission is… Continue reading We didn’t invite cows to our summer picnic

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Should I feed my kids insects?

Recently a nation-wide big bakery started selling "cricket bread" in Finland. This is not the first attempt to introduce insects in the local diet. Recently the local food authority has allowed some insects to be sold as food and it seemed some products were just ready to explode. It's common knowledge that insects are food… Continue reading Should I feed my kids insects?

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The risks of online shopping

There's a great hype nowadays among parents about online shopping. I get it, it's easy and time- and stress-saving. But nothing comes for free, so where's the catch? I would like to start my reflection by stressing one simple truth which we tend to overlook. Big businesses don't care about you. The illusion of service-centred… Continue reading The risks of online shopping

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All public spaces should celebrate parents

I opened one of the main Italian newspapers homepage the other day to find this article, celebrating Italian major Chiara Appendino for setting up some open spaces in public offices for parents to change or feed their children. The move comes from a woman major - of course - and I applaude it with all… Continue reading All public spaces should celebrate parents

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The stress of grocery shopping

Be advised, this post will mostly be a rant. In the past few years I grew more and more disappointed about grocery shopping. We are far from being a green family, but we are shocked by the amount of waste we produce and by products' tracking and origin. I was standing at my local grocery… Continue reading The stress of grocery shopping

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Strawberry season has started

Last summer was awful for Finnish standards and I was completely bummed out when I found out we were late for strawberry season. Yes, last year we barely ate strawberries and only from supermarket. We drove to several farms on that day and everyone told us they had only jam or juice left, but no… Continue reading Strawberry season has started