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The joy in adoption #adoptionilo

Next Monday will mark the start of a national campaign in Finland called adoptionilo, the joy in adoption. If you've been following me, you know I don't like to sugarcoat that adoption and loss go hand in hand. That's why I have started the podcast Adoption Conversations in the first place, and I feel there's… Continue reading The joy in adoption #adoptionilo

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Let’s get more girls into coding | My interview to R for #codinggirls

I was really excited when I was tagged into the #codinggirls campaign by Primo Toys just in time for Women's Day. Getting girls into STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) subjects is a topic very close to my heart. A little about myself I was a lucky one. My mother has graduated in mathematics and she… Continue reading Let’s get more girls into coding | My interview to R for #codinggirls

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Make the most of the time with your children

I am full-time working mother of two toddlers, aged four and two. My husband, now temporarily at home in paternity leave, also works full-time. As ambitious professionals, family may not be our everything, but it's definitely at the top of the list. In the latest years as a parent, I came to one important realisation: time is the only currency children understand.