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My great Mother’s Day at Superpark Espoo

We moms celebrate motherhood all year long and Mother's Day has become widely known as the relax and freedom day for mothers. Can I get an amen here, mamas? In our house, we have a well tested process: I get to sleep in, I receive a small gift and an emotional card, and I choose… Continue reading My great Mother’s Day at Superpark Espoo

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July favorites: new bag, nature places & more

I cannot believe July is over already! The past month really flew. Weather was definitely nicer than in June, but still a bit disappointing. In any case, we did all in our power to enjoy it fully. I'm ready to share my favorite things, places, and more which I discovered in July. New bag for… Continue reading July favorites: new bag, nature places & more

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Walking the Hannusmetsä nature trail

Our mission to explore all Espoo's nature trails (luontopolut) continues! We headed to the South-West of Espoo last Sunday and explored a new trekking path in the forest Hannusmetsä. The path extends for about 2,4 km and is divided in a easier part - the one we walked - and a harder one. It's round… Continue reading Walking the Hannusmetsä nature trail

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Strawberry season has started

Last summer was awful for Finnish standards and I was completely bummed out when I found out we were late for strawberry season. Yes, last year we barely ate strawberries and only from supermarket. We drove to several farms on that day and everyone told us they had only jam or juice left, but no… Continue reading Strawberry season has started

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Oittaa: nature trail, beach, and great playground

One of our favourite places in Espoo to run to when the sun shines is Oittaa. Last weekend for the first time we tried walking the nature trail (luontopolku) and it was one of the best we ever explored. We found out about nature trails last winter and since then we regularly visit them. Most… Continue reading Oittaa: nature trail, beach, and great playground

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Our amazing day in Tykkimäki

This year we have no holiday trips planned, so we decided to give the kids a few "special days" here and there. Last week we headed to Kouvola, North-East of Helsinki, to visit the amusement park Tykkimäki. It was our first time there, and it was a great discovery. The park is quite close to… Continue reading Our amazing day in Tykkimäki

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A trip to meet farm animals at Talli Fageräng

Nothing beats Finnish summer, despite the long and cold winters! And no day could have been better than yesterday, when we visited Talli Fageräng, in Espoo. It's a small open farm, where kids can watch close and interact with farm animals. Access is totally free, which made it great news. We've visited other farms in… Continue reading A trip to meet farm animals at Talli Fageräng