Building bridges between cultures: a positive story

Today I want to tell you about a positive story I really care to share. As parents in multicultural families, we sort of expect that our children will be marked as "different", teased, and possibly bullied. Personally, I dread that moment, but I find it likely to come. I've been talking to Anna, an Italian… Continue reading Building bridges between cultures: a positive story

Digital detox for parents

Digital parenting is a new trending niche in the parents’ world. The key question is how to allow our children to take advantage of the power of technology without being victims of it? For years there has been extensive talk of limiting the screen time, but that doesn’t cover even half of the issue nowadays. It’s about exposure to contents, media, how to safely navigate the immensity of the internet, and how kids’ focus and learning abilities are affected by new devices.

Make the most of the time with your children

I am full-time working mother of two toddlers, aged four and two. My husband, now temporarily at home in paternity leave, also works full-time. As ambitious professionals, family may not be our everything, but it's definitely at the top of the list. In the latest years as a parent, I came to one important realisation: time is the only currency children understand.

Adoption in Finland: our story, chapter III

[this is the third part of our adoption story. Find part 1 here and  part 2 here.] The wait to get our home-study approved seemed endless. After few weeks, we got a request of additional information and we grew even more impatient. Christmas 2015 came and went without us hearing any news. Then, right after the… Continue reading Adoption in Finland: our story, chapter III

When exclusive breastfeeding doesn’t work

Breastfeeding can be stressful, draining, time-consuming, nevertheless it's proved as beneficial for mother and baby. Great for skin-to-skin contact and developing the relationship with your baby; essential for your child to build a functioning immune system; good to protect the baby from allergies, sicknesses, and help her development. The theory sounds great, practice is much… Continue reading When exclusive breastfeeding doesn’t work