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The joy in adoption #adoptionilo

Next Monday will mark the start of a national campaign in Finland called adoptionilo, the joy in adoption. If you've been following me, you know I don't like to sugarcoat that adoption and loss go hand in hand. That's why I have started the podcast Adoption Conversations in the first place, and I feel there's… Continue reading The joy in adoption #adoptionilo

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No more juice stains: Mehujehu, from Finland for all parents

I bet we have all been in through the same situation at some point. You are out with your child and handle her a juicebox. No matter if it's the first or twentieth time this happens, the child grabs it like she wants to choke it and you watch - like in slow-motion - half… Continue reading No more juice stains: Mehujehu, from Finland for all parents

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Let’s get more girls into coding | My interview to R for #codinggirls

I was really excited when I was tagged into the #codinggirls campaign by Primo Toys just in time for Women's Day. Getting girls into STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) subjects is a topic very close to my heart. A little about myself I was a lucky one. My mother has graduated in mathematics and she… Continue reading Let’s get more girls into coding | My interview to R for #codinggirls

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Digital parenting: our screen time rules

I've recently come across an honest account of a fellow mom who was wondering how long is too long when it comes to screen time, and how to balance the parent's desire for peace and the children's well-being. Before you continue reading this post, I need to underline something important. There's no holy bible when… Continue reading Digital parenting: our screen time rules

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How being an expat made me a better adoptive parent

Not all evil comes to harm. It's a popular say, but one of the most true. The expat life is tough. Growing old in a country where you were not raised in inevitably places you on the borders of society. Language is the worst barrier. It takes time to learn a language beyond daily and… Continue reading How being an expat made me a better adoptive parent

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Challenge accepted, HelMet!

We are avid users of library services. We visit the local library weekly, have materials delivered (for free!), enjoy the children-friendly events. I've taken a habit of loaning dvds for our movie nights and we regularly borrow boardgames as well. So when I heard about the Little Helmet Reading Challenge, I thought, this is definitely… Continue reading Challenge accepted, HelMet!

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Coping with my children’s sleep issues

When my daughter was smaller, she wasn't a good sleeper. She wasn't terrible either, but her sleep habits were enough to send me to the madhouse. For almost three years, we struggled with her waking up too early. We tried everything we could think of: reward charts, a children's clock to let her know when… Continue reading Coping with my children’s sleep issues

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Toddlers’ Christmas movie night

I've shared before how we love to have movie nights at our house. Not only it's a special family time, we made it into a social tradition for the kids as well. Occasionally they get to invite some friends over to watch a movie together. Normally we are strict with candies and snacks, so I… Continue reading Toddlers’ Christmas movie night