Work with me

We would be happy to collaborate with brands to help promote great products. Get in touch if you have any collaboration proposal.

Some example of products we would love to try and review:

  • Children toys
  • Boardgames for toddlers
  • Clothes
  • Children accessories
  • Books

and any family-related product.
I am also very interested in collaborating with charity events and organisations.


Please take a moment to read my values:

  • my reviews are 100% honest. If I don’t like the product I can compromise to not publish the review.
  • when some product is sponsored, I will write it in a disclaimer. I guarantee transparency to my readers.
  • for the moment being, I am not comfortable to publish my kids’ pictures. We review products as a family, so my children can appear in pictures, as long as their faces are blurred.

Some brands and events I have collaborated with:
Primo Toys | Oatly | Lapsimessut | Mehujehu | Arksie | Raikastamo

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