Adoption Conversations

I benefit greatly from the existing podcasts on adoption, but I feel the point of view is often limited. I’d like to get in touch with all kind of people touched by adoption, and host personal experiences as well as expert advice. I wrote about my motivation on this guest post.

Episodes will be generally available in advance on my blog, but you can subscribe to the podcast on ITunes or on Google Play (please consider taking a minute to rate it). I welcome comments and feedback!

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Adoption conversations 1

Episode 1: A conversation with Al Coats, Emma Sutton, and Halley.
Episode 2: Trust-based parenting with Melissa Corkum.
Episode 3: Adoptive mother Nita shares about her open adoptions.
Episode 4: Adoptive mother and book author Jodie Hampshire.
Episode 5: Adoptee and podcast host Haley Radke.
Episode 6: My interview to Bridget, birth mother in reunion.

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