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Did you and your family move to Finland? Here you will find precious resources to make your life easier. Overall, Finland is one of the best places in the world to raise a family. However, kicking off a new life here is not always simple and I hope my experience can be useful to others!

Read my interview on Expat.com. ExpatFocus also ran this article about my life in Finland.

Highlighted posts

You will find much about our life in this blog, as well as events or places to visit in Finland.
Events | Expat life | Travel in Finland | Miscellanea

Here are some selected posts to kick off your new family life in Finland:
Moving to Finland? Gotcha.
Things you need to know as an expat parent in Finland
5 Finnish parent hacks every parent should know
Finnish-English dictionary for second-hand queries

Check out also this page by City of Helsinki: New in Helsinki and this collection of resources.

Other expat blogs

Here’s my list of expat bloggers in Finland. Make sure to pay them a visit!
Do you have a blog which is not listed here? Contact me and let me know.
Live in Finland (expat from Canada)
Hey Helsinki (Mel, expat from New Zealand)
Chymecindy (Cindy, expat from Philippines)
Alan Hogan Art Garage (Alan, expat from Ireland)
A thousand diversions (Jutismita, expat from India)
Engineer on tour (expat from Russia)
Battlefish (expat from USA)
Heather’s Helsinki (Heather, expat from Australia)
Due fili d’erba (Thais, Desirée, expats from Italy, and Klaus, from Finland)
Oliva Kumpula (Olivia, expat from Nigeria)
News from the clan in Finland
Becoming Finnish (expat from Australia)
Tra Italia e Finlandia (Luisella, expat – well, commuter – from Italy)
Finland Life Lessons (Daiki, expat from Japan)

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Expat in Finland

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